4 Steps to Register RM600 Wage Subsidy

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4 Steps to Register RM600 Wage Subsidy

4 Steps to Register RM600 Wage Subsidy

Today is the date (1/4/2020) opened for registration of Wage Subsidy Programme. Private sector employers can register for RM600 wage subsidy per worker for a duration of 3 months offered by the Social Security Organisation (Socso) due to Covid-19 outbreak. This is to help the employers in surviving their business yet retaining their employees.

4 Steps to Register RM600 Wage Subsidy

To qualify, the company and employee must meet these requirements:

  • The subsidy is only for employees earning below RM4,000
  • The employees have been registered and contributed to the Employment Insurance Scheme (EIS)
  • The company has seen a 50% decrease in income since 1st January 2020

Steps for Registration:

Step 1: Visit https://www.perkeso.gov.my/index.php/ms/program-subsidi-upah(Under Wage Subsidy Programme) and click “Pendaftaran” (Register)

4 Steps to Register RM600 Wage Subsidy

Step 2: Fill up your company details and information ( Company registration number, bank account, address, reasons why income decreased, number of employees and etc)

4 Steps to Register RM600 Wage Subsidy

Step 3: Upload supportive documents like “Akuan Pengisytiharan PSU50” (Declaration form), Employee List Form, Copy of SSM/ ROS / ROB documents and etc.

4 Steps to Register RM600 Wage Subsidy

*You can download the Declaration form and Employee List Form from the PERKESO Website.

Step 4:Click send. You are all set!

Employers are not allowed to do the three things once they signed up for the Wage Subsidy Programme.

  • They cannot lay off workers.
  • They cannot force workers to take unpaid leave.
  • They cannot cut their workers wages.

*Employers who did one of the three things can be fined RM10,000 for each offence committed.

Employees can make a complaint with the Human Resource Ministry if they feel their employee has gone against the guideline given at +603-8886 5192.

It will potentially be a short wait for the payment, as the subsidy will be transferred to the employer’s account within 7 days of submitting the application. The amount given will also be based on the number of eligible employees, as not every employee would qualify for the subsidy.

Take care and stay safe Malaysian. We can go through this hard time together !

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